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Market Fact

Recent years have demonstrated explosive growth for cell therapies leading to aggressive pipeline projections and a critical need for complex cell engineering capabilities.

The Artisan Approach

Advanced cell therapy applications require the ability to engineer the target cell genome with custom modifications, at high efficiencies and on-target precision, in a clinically compatible process on ambitious timelines.


The Artisan Value

A designer cell engineering and big data analysis platform to more rapidly generate safer and more efficacious cell therapies.

High-Efficiency, Customizable Workflows:

Cell engineering processes designed to take you from target discovery to the clinic

Expert Editing Systems:

Delivering cells with custom modifications matched to the technical specifications of your application

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Modeling and Machine Learning Core:

Leveraging big data and advanced mathematics to optimize cell therapy design and build

Advanced Quality Control Platform:

State-of-the art microscopy, imaging, NGS, single cell, and live cell analysis methodologies

Artisan builds and tests designer cells for our partners to take into the clinic.

Leadership Team


Ryan T.Gill
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan T. Gill is an experienced executive, company builder, strategist, and leader of diverse technical teams. He currently serves as CEO and Board Member at Artisan bio where he is responsible for all aspects of Artisan's vision to design, build, and deliver precisely engineered cells for next-generation therapeutic applications.

Over the past 2 decades, Ryan has envisioned and built a range of internationally recognized efforts in the field of genome engineering, including roles as CEO, CSO, and Board Member at INSCRIPTA, founder and company formation at Biota, Inc., founder, advisor, and Board Member at Opxbio along with his academic roles in building a world-class synthetic biology group at the University of Colorado and subsequently at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainablity in Denmark.

Ryan is the inventor on foundational patents for Artisan, as well as both INSCRIPTA and Opxbio, and has led a total of 30+ patents, 100+ peer reviewed publications, and dozens of invited and keynote presentations.


Tanya Warnecke
Chief Technology Officer

Tanya is a seasoned executive-level professional with a unique combination of experiences including technical, operational, and business leadership. Ventures include cell engineering startups with a variety of applications (cell therapies, biofuels, and biochemicals) and life sciences tools including instrumentation, reagent development, and software engineering. Prior to Artisan, Tanya was the co-Founder, CTO, and VP of Applications at INSCRIPTA and Director of Technology at OPXbio.

Tanya is the inventor on 20+ patent filings across a range of applications including metabolic and genome engineering of complex phenotypes and engineering novel endonucleases for CRISPR-based editing. 


Nick Timmins
VP Cell Technologies and Entrepreneur in Residence

Nick is an experienced cell and gene therapy executive, innovator, and people leader. He has over 15 years experience developing an assortment cell and gene based therapies and associated technologies, including leadership roles at BlueRock Therapeutics, the Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM), and the Center for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies. Nicks global experience includes time living and working in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand, engaging with a diverse assortment of partners, colleagues, and clients from industry and academia.


Erik Warnecke
General Manager, Artisan Development Labs

Erik has an extensive financial and accounting background spanning 17 years and specializes in turning complicated financial data into meaningful information for effecting decision making.  His expertise includes financing, controls and compliance, finance and treasury management, SEC and financial reporting and investor relations.  Prior to Artisan, Erik served as VP of Finance at Inscripta, Head of Financial Reporting Operations at Metropolitan Merchant Capital and Controller at OPX Biotechnologies.


Roland Baumgartner
Director of Mammalian Synthetic Biology

Roland has 13+ years of experience in manipulation and editing of eukaryotic and human cell lines. Roland has direct experience with adapting CRISPR workflows to a variety of cell lines including T-cells, iPSC’s, and cancer cells to name a few and has worked with both primary and model cell lines for therapeutic applications. Prior to joining Artisan, Roland was the technical lead at the Cell Architecture Lab at DTU where he led the development efforts for next-generation T-cell therapeutics.


The Artisan team is passionate about crafting customized cell engineering solutions to solve the most challenging problems in human health applications. We believe that by leveraging rapid advances in DNA reading and writing technologies at the interface of engineering and biology we will deliver more efficacious and safe cell products to the market.


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